New field development

Part of our mission is to build new homes. We operate in cities where we already are established as well as cities that has a growth potential. We build rental apartments, condominiums and property rights, depending on what is in demand and what is considered sustainable.

Our aim is to always have a close and constructive dialogue with the government to enable us to build homes corresponding to the actual demand. The result of a successful co-operation is two-sided; local residents get faster access to homes in good locations and we get more satisfied tenants.

We believe that one of our competitive advantages, and key for our continuous growth, is being able to develop and build our own properties together with our long-term ownership and property management.

When we build new, we build smart
The environmental aspect is always a priority when we build new homes. This applies for choise of material as well as technology. New properties are significantly more energy efficient than older properties, and in some cases, the difference in energy consumption can be as much as 40 percent. In all new apartments that we completed in Malmö and Vetlanda in 2016, we installed individual measuring of hot water and all electricity comes from hydropower that is origin labeled. Several of our upcoming projects, such as the Inre Hamnen (Inner Harbor) in Norrkoping, will be built according to the Green Building Silver, a certification system where special consideration is given to energy, indoor environment and materials.