En man med ljusgrått långt skägg sitter på en balkong och pillar med sina balkongväxter. Han har ett par svarta handskar på sig och en gråneige kortärmad tröja. Bkaom ser man en rödbrun tegelfasad.

Gardening with Heimstaden

We love plants here at Heimstaden. Not only are they beautiful to look at and fun to take care of, they're also good for your health and wellbeing. Beautiful flowers brighten up your home, home-grown fruit and vegetables taste amazing and some plants even improve your air quality.

Here you’ll find tips, inspiration and ideas for your own little garden. Or perhaps for an urban gardening projects you’re part of. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been gardening for decades, we hope that this page will provide a little extra inspiration.

Do you like gardening, but don’t have a balcony?

There are many plants that like to grow on the windowsill. Some spices and herbs thrive indoors, for example different kinds of basil: Thai, lime and lemon basil. Tomato plants in a pot and mini cucumber are also easy to grow indoors. They often taste better, if they have some direct sunline.

There are also many sprouts that can be grown indoors throughout the year.