Diversity, inclusion
and belonging

We make room for each other

Much can be said about the diversity work at companies around the world. And a lot is said. Unfortunately, it often ends there.

Not because companies don't want to do something about it, they usually do. But diversity work requires commitment and perseverance. You can't just make a decision at board level, post an inspirational text on your website and appoint one project manager to single-handedly implement all of your plans. The concept of diversity in the workplace as well as the many benefits of having a diverse workforce must be understood, supported and developed collectively - throughout the organisation.

At Heimstaden we’re aware of the challenges and demands involved with diversity work, but we also see the opportunities. We believe that a company characterised by diversity has far better chances of being successful and remaining so. We also believe that the same principles apply in society as a whole.

The nature of our business means that we are actively involved in our society on a daily basis. Each of our tenants, from all walks of life and cultures, spread out across different countries, all form communities that are characterised by diversity and strength. But at Heimstaden, we don’t just want to work within or reflect an existing society. We want to create society – a society everybody wants to be part of.

What is it, though, that makes society better? What characterises a prosperous society? We believe that is starts when you create security and make room for everyone.

So it’s not enough to simply recruit a diverse workforce, or to employ people with different backgrounds just for the sake of it. Embracing the concept of diversity in the workplace requires a genuine desire to promote inclusion and belonging. And it goes without saying, therefore, that working conditions, rights and development opportunities at Heimstaden are the same for everyone, no matter who you are. Everyone is given the same opportunity to reach their full potential, that’s what security is all about.

It’s only when we create an environment that doesn’t require you to fit in – that gives everyone the opportunity to be themselves: to think freely, speak freely without taking expectations into consideration and to question things – that we are creating a true feeling of inclusion and belonging. Only then will we be making room for everyone.

And if there’s one thing Heimstaden is passionate about, it’s making room. Not just for our tenants and our employees, but also for new perspectives and ways of looking at things, new ideas and new developments. We make room for differences, for strength and for a feeling of security.

We make room for each other.