Two women are sitting on a light grey cushion in a living room, laughing.
The Friendship

We make your everyday life
a little easier

A little extra space for friendships

We create Friendly Homes that give you a little extra breathing space. Space for work, play, some quiet time alone. Space to live your life.

Our needs and circumstances change as we progress through life, particularly when it comes to how and where we live. From our childhood home, to student housing, through to building a family and perhaps even the desire to travel or relocate.

Whoever you are and whatever your needs, we give you a little extra space to make those changes in your life. All you have to do is fill it with life.

Create space for a new chapter in your life.

Welcome to Heimstaden

En ljushårig tjej med en knallblå pikétröja sitter utanför en hundbutik som heter Hyra tassar. I hennes famn har hon en liten brun och vit hundvalp som slickar henne i ansiktet.

Know your neighbours

More time for you

We take care of the mundane property maintenance work, so you can find time for all the things you actually enjoy. Want to know what everyone else is doing with all that extra time?

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A man with a white beard and black hat stands in the doorway of a flower shop with a woman. They hold potted plants in their hands.


Gardening for health and wellness

It's a well known fact that gardening is great for our mental health. Which is exactly why we developed HeimGrown, an urban gardening initiative with things like free seed packets, HeimGardener (our green-fingered ambassadors) and a community site for sharing ideas and inspiration.

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