A fair-haired woman with a sun hat that says Heimstaden stands and plants in her pots in her kitchen. Behind her you see white cabinet doors, a light gray mosaic wall.


Anyone can become a Heim Gardener

Anyone can become a Heim Gardener. Ida Eriksson from Sweden knows that. Her interest in gardening started with a juicy lemon a few years ago.

– I don’t have any green fingers and I’ve never had many plants at home, since I know that I, sooner or later, will manage to kill them. But now, suddenly, I have 40 pots, both indoors and on my balcony, says Ida, who keeps gardening at a simple, but fun level.

– Everything started with some lemons that I had bought and which I thought were unusually sweet and juicy. For fun, I put a few seeds into a pot. I was actually surprised when small, green leaves started sprouting after only a few weeks.

Today, a year later, the lemon plants are almost 80 centimetres and Ida also has plants of grapefruit, litchi, date and pineapple. Ida, who is both a Heim Gardener and employed at Heimstaden, uses the watering can almost too often anymore.

– It’s so much fun to see your own plant grow that I sometimes get carried away and add too much water. But you live and learn. I’m not an expert, I just try things out.

Ida doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to harvest any fruit from her plants.

– I don’t dare to hope, but of course it would have been really nice if it happened. The only things I’ve been able to harvest so far has been cress and herbs. But that’s enough for me, says Ida, whose six-year-old son often helps her out.