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Caring about the world around us

Our environmental responsibility


Thinking and acting responsibly

Sustainability has many dimensions, including social responsibility, protecting our environment, providing a safe and attractive workplace and maintaining a sustainable value chain. Thinking and acting sustainably is a core part of our business, covering everything from our long-term approach to real estate investments and the way we use our resources as efficiently as possible to our focus on people, sustainability and climate issues. As is our ambition to participate in and contribute to sustainable development and to inspire and contribute to the local communities in which we operate. We believe in long term value creation and work therefore in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Energy efficient properties

In several respects, Heimstaden is at the forefront of sustainability, but we are open to the fact that there is more to be done to fully address and manage the climate challenges. The real estate sector accounts for around 40 percent of the total energy use in the EU and 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the climate footprint is the only way forward and the fight against climate change is one of Heimstaden’s most important priorities.

As a European residential real estate company, we support the EU’s goal of being climate neutral by 2050, and locally we are aiming for even tougher goals. To ensure that our climate ambitions are sufficient and in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, we have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which is a third-party reviewer.

We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our energy consumption by 2 percent every year until 2025 (in a comparable property portfolio), primarily by making our properties more energy efficient. We believe we can achieve this either by reducing our energy consumption while maintaining the value we currently offer our tenants or by creating more value for our tenants without increasing our energy consumption. Measures include increasing our use of modern and cost-effective technology, for example, installing smart control systems, technical measures to reduce heat loss and additional requirements for new builds. At Group level, we are also installing solar panels on new builds wherever possible.

Read more about our sustainability work on our corporate website or in our annual report here.