How do I apply for an apartment?

How do I apply for an apartment? Do I need to submit any documents?

JoannaBúið til: 12 January, 2023, 14:11
  • Hello Joanna,

    All available apartments are advertised on the Heimstaden website.
    View available apartments here

    When you have found an apartment you are interested in, click on apply for an apartment or scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the form.

    The information we request on the form is threefold.
    1. In the first part, you need to fill in personal information so that we can contact you and complete your contract.
    2. Next, we request information such as profession, employers and more. This information is not used by us in the allocation process, but we have a legal obligation to collect this information about our customers. See Act 140/2018.
    3. Two attachments must be attached, firstly, you must attach a credit report and a criminal record must also be attached.
    Next, just click on Send and then wait for a response from Heimstaden!

    We usually respond to applications within two working days of receiving the application.

    Good luck 🤞
    Ari - ÞjónustuverSvarað: 12 January, 2023, 14:18

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