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What do the answers to my applications mean?

I applied for the apartment and received different answers for several apartment: "Kontraktet gick tyvärr till en annan sökande." and "Du har inte blivit erbjuden visning för detta objekt." what are the differences between them and what do they indicate?

ValeriiaSkapad: 24 July, 2023, 15:55
  • Hi Valeriia,
    thank you for contacting us!

    When it says "Kontraktet gick tyvärr till en annan sökande" is indicates that you have received an offer for a viewing of the apartment, but one of the other applicants got the contract. There are always several people who gets the offer for viewing/contract.

    "Du har inte blivit erbjuden visning för detta objekt" means that you did not receive an offer at all for a viewing or contract.

    Kind regards,
    Liza - KundserviceBesvarad: 25 July, 2023, 07:30
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