Information on the processing of personal data and personal data representatives


Any personal information that a notification may contain will be handled in the following manner. It is important that you understand how it works.

    1. Personal data controller:
      Heimstaden is responsible for personal data for the Whistleblower function. Address: Östra Promenaden 7 A, 211 28 Malmö. Phone number: +46 770-111 050.


    1. Purpose of the treatment:
      Personal data in the Whistleblower function is used to take a position on the reports submitted in the system and to investigate whether designated persons have been involved in criminal acts such as corruption or other serious irregularities.
    1. Data processed:
      The personal data we process are the information provided in the report and the additional information that may be collected in order to be able to carry out an appropriate investigation. The information may include name, position and information about suspected violation of the law.


    1. Recipient of the data:
      Heimstaden has limited the authorization for access to information in the Whistleblower function so that only the central HR department may access the information. If it is judged as a whistleblower, it is escalated to the management within the company.
  1. Right to register extract etc.:
    You have the right to receive information about the personal data processed about you from us free of charge, once per calendar year. If you want such information, you must send a written signed request to Heimstaden’s HR department. If your personal data is processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, you may, in accordance with section 28 of the Personal Data Act, request that the personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted.