A woman in a grey jumper is putting on a black bicycle helmet. There are green trees in the background.

Tips for everyday exercise

Since many of us have sedentary work, we should all try to get more exercise. See our tips on how you can move your body more, every day.

Most people know that exercise is good for your body and mind. Since many of us have sedentary work, we should all try to get more exercise.

As an adult, you are advised to do some form of physical activity that is moderately strenuous for at least 30 minutes a day.

A man with short dark hair and a grey shirt and black shorts is sitting on the floor on a yoga mat. Next to the carpet is a bottle of water and a towel.
Stretch your body every day. It is a good investment for both your body and health.

Our bodies are built for physical activity and when we move, things happen in the body that make us both more alert and stronger. When it comes to our everyday exercise, it does not have to be complicated or tough. Small things can make a big difference in the long run, so try to get more movement into your everyday and get out of that chair.

Don’t forget that it is never too late to start and that the best exercise is the one that isn’t just planned into your schedule, but actually happens.

Good tips for everyday exercise

Small movements in your home

Start the day by stretching for 5-10 minutes, stand on one leg while brushing your teeth, walk around your home while talking on the phone, take the opportunity to do some burpees or squats while you wait for the potatoes to boil. If you are watching TV, get up and move around as soon as there is a commercial break.


Walk or bike to the store

Instead of taking the car to the grocery store, why not take a walk or bike instead?

If you need your car when you go shopping, park it at the far end of the car park or one or two blocks away.


Playtime with the children

If you have children at home, you can join in their activities. Jump the trampoline, play football, arrange a hula hoop challenge, jump rope or any other game that your children like. We promise that you will both laugh and get a lot of exercise.

A man helps a boy skateboard in an outdoor ramp
Do sports, run and play with your children and try to keep up with their pace!

Take the stairs

Always use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator – whether you’re going up or down. It is a perfect way to increase your cardio-vascular endurance and the strength of your leg muscles.

Bike to work and do other activities

The bicycle is an efficient means of transport and a good way to bring movement into everyday life. If you live in a larger city, it can even be faster and easier to take the bike than the car. We hardly need to mention that it is also better for your wallet and the environment.

If you don’t have the opportunity to take the bike all the way, cycle to the train station or a part of the route. If you take the bus to work, you can try to get off at one or two stations earlier.

You can also, when the working day is over, put on your running shoes and go for a jog on your way home. Perfect for clearing your mind and forget about problems at work.

See our simple tips on how you can make biking a little safer for you and your fellow road users.

Two women are walking through a park. One of them is holding onto her red bike. They are talking and laughing,
Take your bike to work or the store. It is good for both the economy, the environment and your health.

Suggest a walking date

Meet your friends or your date for a walk instead of over a coffee.

Start dancing

Turn on some music and start dancing, jump and spin around to some of your favourite songs.


Kill two birds with one stone and turn your cleaning into a workout. Hoover and mop your floors and dust all surfaces.

When you have to put all your misplaced things back where they belong – make it a competition where you try to collect as much as you can in a basket in the shortest possible time.

Try to skip the chemicals the next time you clean. You can go a long way with, for example, lemon, soap, bicarbonate and vinegar.

A man in a blue jumper is pretending that the hoover is an electric guitar.
Ask your hoover for a dance!

Do some gardening

Raking leaves, replanting plants and mowing the lawn are great garden chores that burn many calories. Gardening also has stress-reducing effects that are good for our mind.

Growing things is not just a fun way to get truly local herbs and vegetables on your plate. It can also give everyday life a new dimension.

“When you grow things, life becomes so much more vivid,” says gardening expert Johannes Wätterbäck.

Play with your dog

As a dog owner, you have to go for a walk at least three or four times a day. But take the opportunity to make your dog walks a little extra active. Play with your dog, run away with a ball or toy and let the dog chase you. Play hide and seek and other fun games where your dog has to find you. Jump up on rocks and park benches. Or surprise your dog by running in the opposite direction. Perfect for practicing your dog’s awareness, while giving you some cardiovascular exercise.

A woman with long hair is standing in the woods with a big dog in her arms. They are looking happily at each other.
Take the opportunity to play with your dog when you are out for a walk. Your dog will love it!

Take a lunch walk

Lunch is a perfect opportunity to take a walk, go for a jog or visit the gym. Or why not try a walking meeting? Instead of sitting down on your office chairs, take advantage of the meeting time and go for a nice walk while you talk to each other.

Stand up and work

Vary your working position by using a height-adjustable desk. If you work from home, you can use your ironing board as a sit-stand table.

Also try to get small breaks during the day, to get a cup of coffee, some water or today’s post. Instead of emailing your colleague who is in the same building, you can simply go there.

Two people are standing in an offcie with big windows with coffee cups in their hands.
An older woman and a younger man dance in the living room. Behind them you see an orange sofa and a yellow-orange armchair.
Start dancing in your living room and get your pulse up!