Two boys and two girls are sitting on the couch and on the floor playing games.
Useful tips

Fun things to do
without your mobile phone

9 simple tips!

  1. Arrange dinner parties
    Invite your friends to a cooking tournament! Take turns cooking for each other and decide a prize. The one who gets the most points wins. Or why not organise theme nights, with food from different parts of the world. Flip a coin to decide who gets which theme. Or just meet for dinner, anytime!
  2. Go bowling
    Bowling is a fun activity to do with friends. You won’t have time to check your phone, you have to keep your focus on the bowling balls.
  3. Check out your local flea markets
    Find fun and unique things, together with your friends.
  4. Explore your hometown
    Pretend that you are a tourist in your hometown. What would you do? Go to museums, cosy cafes or shops with local products near you.
  5. Start a book club
    Start a book club with your friends! Choose which book to read, then set a date when you hang out and discuss it.
  6. Hike together
    Go for a hike in the woods. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk to each other while enjoying nature.
  7. Try a new sport together
    Play badminton, paddle or why not try rock climbing together! The more, the merrier.
  8. Gardening
    To grow things at home is both easy and fun! As a resident of Heimstaden, you can become a Home Gardener and get a starter kit sent to your home. The kit includes a garden apron, garden gloves and seed bags. Read more about it here!
  9. Start knitting
    There are many reasons why you should start knitting! Studies show that a craft such as knitting can be as relaxing as meditation. Disconnect from the stress of the outside world and focus on this one thing.