A checkered blanket with a plate of marshmallows, a basket of bread and fruit and some plates.

How to make your picnic more eco-friendly!

Disposable items, plastic bags and lots of rubbish – skip all of that and think of ways on how to organise an environmentally smart picnic.

The best thing about being outdoors is probably when it’s time for a snack. Here are some tips on how to make your picnic a little more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Make your picnic a little greener


  1. Avoid disposable items
    Bring some picnic-friendly plates, glasses and cutlery that you can wash and reuse. Why not buy cheap second-hand crockery that you can take with you on the excursions.
  2. Put the food in glass jars
    It looks nice – and is more friendly to the environment – to bring your food in glass jars. If you want to make it extra nice, you can put a nice label on the glass jars to keep them apart.
  3. Skip the plastic
    Leave plastic bags and other unnecessary plastic and disposable packaging at home. Instead, you can use small reusable boxes. If you have small children, invest in some straws made of bamboo and a cute enamel mug.
  4. Tap water is the best
    Skip bottled water and bring your own water from home. You can give the water some flavour with berries or lemon slices.
  5. Extra green picnic with vegetables
    Try replacing the meat with vegetables. Grilled root vegetables, aubergine and leek are real highlights. For dessert you can grill apples and eat them with a sprinkle of cinnamon and whipped cream.
  6. Store your food the proper way
    Bring a cooling bag so you can take home the leftovers. Usually, you consume less food than you think. So try not to bring too much stuff for your picnic. Throwing away food always feels unnecessary.
  7. Don’t leave dirty footprints
    Remember to clean up after yourself. Bring a garbage bag and pick up everything you find that does not belong in the woods.