Student housing in Oslo with a long history

In Oslo, Norway, there is a property called Campus G12. The construction began in 1864 and the building has a long and exciting history. So let us step into one of our fictional time machines and set it to the year 1864.
The American Civil War has been going on for 3 years and in Europe you can feel how a modern and freer society is emerging. The first Geneva Convention is signed in Switzerland and England stands at the height of its economic and political power. What is happening in Norway? Charles XV is king of both Sweden and Norway. Industrialisation has been going on for 20 years and in the early 1860s a massive emigration from Norway to America started.
At Gjerdrums Vei 12, in Oslo, it is decided to expand Nydalens Bomuldspinderi (a cotton factory). Construction began in 1864 and shortly afterwards the property was completed. The factory once had over 1,000 employees, which made Nydalens Bomuldspinderi an important manufacturing company for Oslo. In 1963 they closed the factory and in 1986 it was converted into an office. It then took another 31 years before the factory underwent its next transformation.
In 2017, Heimstaden acquires the property and converts it into 266 student housing units with associated 1,500 square meters of commercial premises. As a resident of the beautiful and functional Campus G12, you become part of its story.