Environmental responsibility

Heimstaden aims to work for a society where development and growth are permeated by a long-term view of people and the environment. In our work, we value cultural and aesthetic values ​​and we are responsive to our customers’ demand for environmental adaptations.

This means that:
– we manage our buildings with a low environmental impact and smart use of resources
– we design and build with respect to the environment
– we work with environmentally conscious suppliers, consultants and contractors
– we constantly improve our skills, increasing environmental awareness and developing new technologies for the benefit of the environment. The ideas developed in an open dialogue with our customers.
– we acquire knowledge of future laws, regulations and requirements for having a good forward planning for that control and affect our activities in the environmental field.

New technology makes a difference
We are working on an increasing numbers of properties using digital network connectivity to remotely monitor and control the properties. This means that we can test new technology in a property and in a good and easy way follow the expected reduction in consumption. With positive results, we can then easily apply the same improvement in more properties. We also run projects trying to improve the heat distribution in the properties and we test new technologies to efficiently store energy in the properties.

Together we can make a difference
For us, sustainability is about running our business without unnecessary negative impact on the environment. The vast majority of our consumption is necessary for properties to work and for our tenants to be satisfied with their living environment.

As important as new technology and good maintenance is for our properties, is the behavior of our tenants. The behavior is an important factor in the environmental equation. But it is not just about the use of heat and water in a sensible way. Equally important is that a service ticket is notified immediately when a problem occurs. Drafts from windows, leaking taps and toilet seats or elements that are too hot, you can steal a lot of energy.

Renewable energy
We have for many years given priority to electricity from hydropower, and in 2015 we took the decision to use only hydroelectric power in our properties. In each new property that we take over we change, as soon as the agreement allows, to an electricity contract based on origin-labeled hydropower.

In 2016 we initiated a project in Malmö, together with the City of Malmö and E.ON, collaboration with the support of the Environmental Protection Agency, where we have invested in a solar system on one of our properties. Solar cells are one of the most gentle ways to produce environmentally friendly electricity. They are quiet, no emissions and involve low operating and maintenance costs. Being able to produce your own electricity is an important step to secure our energy supply in the long term.