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Taking over an apartment

The tenant will be contacted by us in order to arrange a time to hand over the apartment. The takeover is normally scheduled between 08:00 - 16:00 on the day the contract period starts. Before the handover, you must have paid:

  • The deposit
  • Rent for the first month
Make sure to arrange this before scheduled takeover. It is also not necessary to send a receipt because we controll all payments. Remember that the rent must be registered in our account in order for it to be considered payed. It is therefore adviseable to pay in good time before you take over an apartment.

Upon the takeover, we will schedule a meet up in the apartment at an agreed time. Make sure to be precise, as we have several other takeovers scheduled on the same day, and would not want to be late for our next scheduled takeover. We jointly carry out an inspection to uncover any erros and omissions, and therefor take photos to document the apartsments standard. If any error or fault is discovered, an agreement on how to solve the issue must be made between the tenant and the employee responsible for the inspection. After the inspection, the tenant has 14 days to report any errors and defects in the apartment that the landlord is responsible for rectifying.

Remember: Customer specifications number (KID nr) every time you pay

Kindly use the KID number listed on the invoice, so that we can easily register your payment. You may get an interest fee if you don`t provide the KID number or any other kind of referance such as name, adress and apartment number etc, even if the invoice has been paid on time, as we are dependent on confirming upon who the invoice is payed by.

Feel free to contact us by:

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