Security Phone number

Are you in need of assistance aside from our opening hours?

In a case of emergency aside from our opening hours, contact our security phone number as listed below.

We emphasize that the security telephone should only be used in connection with emergencies such as fire, water leaks, locking or key problems.

Water leakage from washing machine or dishwasher that does not work properly, are not considered as emergency cases. In case of a tight drain, we highly recommend that you first check the drain and water trap yourself. If the water is running off slow, it still is not counted as an emergency case.
Cases that apply to stoves not working properly are not considered as an emergency case either.

Lock and key problems
If you have locked yourself out of your apartment or have key problems, there will be a lock-in cost that you must approve and pay, when locking up after our office hours (17:00 - 08:00).

Do contact us by:

  • Calling our customer service:     23292900 ( 08:00 - 17:00)
  • Calling our security telephone :  48060200 ( 17:00 - 08:00) 
  • Send e-mail to 

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