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new person who lives with me

Hi, the apartment was registered in my name but my friend has been living with me now. how can i register his name or contract paper ? can you notice about it?

KishorOpprettet: 13 November, 2023, 16:48
  • Hello and thank you for your inquiry,

    If you wish to add an additional resident to your lease, this must be done in our customer portal MyHome. This is due to strict GDPR rules.

    First, log in to MyHome, then go to "send service request". Then "my tenancy", then "invoice and customer relationship". Here you will find "contract and tenancy" and finally "change or update contract". We need the following information here: Full name, birth and social security number, picture of ID, telephone number and email address.

    Ferdinand - KundeserviceBesvart : 14 November, 2023, 08:25
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