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Moving out and returning the apartment

We will contact you to arrange a time for the return of the apartment. We set up an appointment within our opening hours 08:00 - 16:00. Upon return, the apartment must be empty of personal items and cleaned, and should look the same as when you moved in. Information about this is given in the lease.

Since it is important for both parties that the apartment is returned in contractual condition, we will contact you well in advance of moving out to review the apartment. This way we will be able to point out our expectations when returning, and you will have plenty of time to have any remarks made.

Upon return, we carry out the same inspection together as upon delivery, agree on the condition of the apartment and the final settlement. You will also return all keys. Go through the checklist you signed when you moved in in advance, to check that the apartment is in good condition. For tips and tricks, watch our self help videos

If we do not agree on the final settlement, the case is transferred to the Rent Disputes Committee (HTU). HTU offers fast processing of rent disputes between the parties to the tenancy (landlord and tenant). A tenancy dispute may involve a dispute over a deposit, rent due, compensation for damages and defects, termination, defects in the apartment or the parties rights and obligations in general. See www.htu.no for more information.

If the lease is signed by several tenants, all tenants are responsible for the same obligations, and the requirements can be set for all tenants. The division of responsibilities between tenants is a matter between the tenants.

Watch video for guidance here

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