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Insects and pests

Pests and insects can be harmless, whereas some are troublesome and others are direct pests. www.anticimex.no is a website with information about what you can do and how you can identify pests. If you suspect that there are pests in your apartment, contact our customer center immediately.

Cockroaches are omnivorous and active at night. During the day, when it is light, they are hidden in cracks, under and inside machines and in equipment where it is dark. They dart away quickly if frightened. If you see cockroaches that are out in the light, it often indicates a large population. Cockroaches depend on hot areas, as well as access to food, water and moisture.

Do not bring cockroaches home
When you are traveling, you should always check your luggage and shake everything well so that you know that you are sure that it will not come with you home.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs are beetle-like, blood-sucking ticks that settle in or by your bed or sofa. They do not destroy buildings, clothes or furniture, but make a living by sucking blood from humans, much like a mosquito.

Do not bring bed bugs home
When traveling, always check your bed and mattress for bed bugs.

If you find bed bugs or traces of them, you must request a new room.
Be careful when buying used beds, or using beds that someone has put away.
The bed may need to be frozen before use.
If you suspect that you have bed bugs with you at home, you must contact us immediately to freeze your luggage.

Do you see traces of black marks on the bed, get stings on the body or red spots and swelling in the skin? Contact our customer service immediately so we can implement measures.

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