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How to be secure against fire incidents

Securing the home against fire is a shared responsibility. We as landlords are responsible for the central fire alarm system, while you as a tenant are responsible for maintenance of fire protection equipment, such as checking that smoke alarms and fire extinguishing equipment in the apartment work. It is important that the things related to fire safety are checked regularly.

Remember this to protect against fire:

  • The Norwegian Fire Inspectorate recommends that the smoke alarm must be checked once a month, and at least once a year. You can easily check the battery by pressing the "test" button until it beeps. If it does not make a sound, the battery must be replaced. If you want to check that the smoke is detected, you can light a match underneath or use a test gas.
  • You check the fire extinguisher by looking at the arrow, it should always be green. If it doesn`t, you must contact customer service to get a new one. In addition, the fire extinguisher must be turned upside down every three months to maintain proper pressure.
  • The stove is the home's largest source of fire, so a stove guard is an easy way to secure the home. With a stove guard, the stove switches off when dangerous situations arise. In all new buildings and newly renovated apartments, a stove guard is required. If you live in an apartment where there is no stove guard, make sure that you turn off the plates, and double check until you are sure.
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  • Smoking indoors is strongly prohibited. Smoking outdoors should only take place in designated places or at a good distance from the entrance area, windows and the building in general, in order to ensure the building's fire safety.
  • Remember to always place candles at a good distance from flammable sources, such as curtains.
  • The common areas should not be used as storage space. Keep escape routes clear: the entrance must be free of personal belongings and waste, and do not place waste or anything else near the entrance to the building.
  • Doormats and shoes must be inside the apartment at all times as these pose a risk of fire. They are usually made of synthetic materials that are highly flammable, and they pose a risk that you or your neighbors may slip or stumble on the way out in the event of a fire.
  • Remember to take out contents insurance, it covers what is lost in the apartment in the event of a fire, such as furniture, clothes and other things. Should you be unsure of what you are responsible for, check the house rules for where you live.
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