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Bad indoor climate in the apartment

Without adequate ventilation of the home, one will be able to experience poor indoor climate, odor, and in the worst case moisture and fungal formation, with serious illness as a possible consequence. If one or more of the valves for supply air is closed or covered, the exhaust will create negative pressure in the apartment with a sewage smell from drains as a possible consequence. Here are some tips for maintaining a good indoor climate:

  1. Keep all vents open. These create good circulation of air in the apartment. Clean the valves regularly to ensure air supply.
  2. Use kitchen ventilation when cooking to avoid food and the smell of cooking throughout the apartment.
  3. Ventilate the home regularly by opening windows and doors. That way you get to replace the air that feels good for the indoor climate.
  4. Get some green plants. Green plants emit moisture and attract harmful substances, which make the air better to breathe in.

The kitchen fan must be cleaned and the filter must be changed regularly for the cleaning of air to work optimally.

Watch video for how you can improve the air quality here

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