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House rules

The house rules are created to maintain a good living environment for everyone. These rules will be handed out to you alongside with the contract. These rules are also hung on the information board in the corridors of your building. All tenants are encouraged to follow these at all times. The following rules are listed below:

External rules:

  • Doors to common rooms must be kept closed and locked at all times to avoid any kind of burglary or theft.
  • If there is a communal laundry in the building, make sure to only use on the set time which is from 07-22 on weekdays and 10-22 on public holidays. Remember that the laundry room must be cleaned after use. 
  • Sorting of waste: Waste must be handled and disposed in accordance with the municipality`s current set regulations. Cardboard boxes, foams, glasses, hazardous waste, etc., which are not sorted under food waste, plastic packaging, residual waste or paper must not be thrown in the container, but mast rather be brought to the return point / environmental station by the tenant. Where as paper (newspaper, brochures, etc.) must be thrown in a separate container.
  • Courtyard, staircase and common room shall not be used for storage of personal belongings such as sports equipment, prams, boxes, garbage bags, etc. Littering of courtyards and common rooms is strongly prohibited. 
  • Outdoor smoking must take place in designated places or at a good distance from the entrance area, windows and the building itself, in order to ensure the building`s fire safety and living environment.
  • Please do not walk your pets on the property.
  • Barbequing is only allowed with an electric grill on balcony and roof terrace.
  • Please do not feed birds on balconies or roof terraces.
  • Balconies must not be used as storage space or for the placement of garbage. 
  • It is not permitted to install a satellite dish on the walls outdoors or at the balcony.
  • The tenant is responsible for the repair of broken windows, regardless of the cause. 
  • If the landlord has to remove illegally installed satellite dish, garbage on the veranda or objects in common areas (bicycles, prams, furniture, garbage, etc.), then this will be invoiced with a minimum amount of NOK 750. 
Internal rules:
  • There should be no noise between 22-07 every day.
  • Permission must be obtained from the landlord, in case of any celebration or occasions in the apartment after 22.00. After the permit has been granted, the remaining residents must be notified with for example a neighbor notice in the corridors. 
  • Smoking indoors (in apartments and common areas) is strictly prohibited. The tenant will be charged for the costs that will occur in removal of any smoke odor and discoloration after the end of tenancy. 
  • It is not permitted to seal air vents in the apartments. 
  • Windows should not be covered by anything other than curtains or blinds. 
  • The tenant is responsible for all damage caused to the apartment, see section 14 and 18 of the lease agreement. It is also the tenant`s responsibility to maintain the mailbox and the belonging keys to the mailbox. 
  • In case of selling, using, or storing any kind of drugs, or in case of any other criminal related behavior, the contract will be terminated immediately.
  • The tenant will be liable for any damage that arises as a result of violation of the house rules or other lack of care. In case of stored garbage, that is documented by the caretaker, the tenant will be fined NOK 750. 
  • The tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the rules are complied with in the household, and also by other person to whom the tenant has given access to. 

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