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Heimstaden is a value-driven organization. Our core values; innovation, professionalism and care is the foundation on which our corporate culture stands. We strive to have a good working environment and provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop within our company.

We live and work in a multicultural society with tenants who come from different parts of the world. Heimstaden wants to reflected that as much as possible in our organization. Therefore we gladly welcome new employees with language skills and backgrounds that will help to create an even better dialogue with our tenants.

We strive for gender balance and see diversity as a strength and a prerequisite for our development. Our working conditions, rights and development should be the same for everyone in the entire organization – regardless of sex, age, origin or other factors.

We are a growing company and are constantly looking for talented and innovative employees. Many different roles are key for our current and future success within real estate management, finance, analysis, marketing, HR and project management. Would you like to join our team? Take a look at the current open positions, or contact our HR Director to discuss other opportunities.