For you that are about to move out

Thank you been a tenant here at Heimstaden! To make it a little easier for you when you move, we have put together the most important things that occur in connection with your move.

1. Terminate your lease

To terminate your lease, submit a completed cancellation form to your local office. Here you can find the form. You can also contact us.

2. Change your address

You need to make a change of address in good time (at least five working days) before the move. Please contact Skatteverket either by letter or on Certain authorities will automatically receive your new address details:

• Social Insurance
• Municipal administrations
• The County Council
• Pliktverket
• Tax Register
• Government personadressregistrret (SPAR)
• Swedish Church
• Transport Agency

Remember that you must register your new address to associations, insurance companies, banks, newspapers, friends, acquaintances, etc. You can also order forwarding of your mail from the old to the new address. Contact Swedish Address for more information.

3. Move the electricity and telephone

When you move, you need to sign a new electricity contract at your new address, and cancel your old subscription to your previous address. Contact your electricity provider for more information about how to do and when. You must also sign move of your telephone and Internet subscriptions. Contact your phone company and internet provider for more information.

4. Your apartment will be inspected

For both your and the new tenant’s sake we make an inspection of the apartment in connection with the move. It’s good if you can be there when it is done. You will always reveive a copy of the inspection report, even if you can not attend.

Before the inspection, you must consider the following:

• All equipment belonging to the apartment (doors, hat racks, curtain fittings, etc.) is required to be in the apartment during the inspection. If you have received operating and maintenance instructions for the rental equipment, please leave them in the apartment so the next tenant can use them.
• Parquet and floors in wet room (bathroom, kitchen, toilet) must not be hidden by carpets.
• The apartment must be cleaned.
• In case of damage or abnormally high wear and tear on the apartment you can be charged a fee.

5. Return all keys

Do not forget to return all the keys when you move – even the copies you may have made and the keys to the storage room, laundry room and heater. If not all keys are returned, you will be charged a fee for changing the locks.

6. Display of your apartment

You need to be prepared to show the apartment to the person or persons who will move in after you. Usually, the new tenant will contact you to agree a preview to schedule a time that suits you both.