Cookies and processing of personal data

The Personal Data Act (1998: 204), colloquially known as PDA, is designed to protect people from having their privacy violated by the processing of personal data. Personal data shall mean any information directly or indirectly attributable to a natural person who is alive. With the processing of personal data means any operation or set of actions in terms of personal data, such as collection, recording, storage, processing, distribution, etc. Personal data may only be processed by the Personal Data Act specified situations. Examples of this are if the person given his consent or if the processing is necessary for a contract with the data subject must be fulfilled or the measures that the registered requested to be taken before an agreement is reached.

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What is a cookie?

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Cookies on Heimstaden

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Personal data manager
The personal data provided to Heimstaden will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The one who determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data known as the Data Protection Act of personal data. Privacy Manager is Heimstaden AB, reg. no. 556670-0455 Östra Promenaden 7 A, 211 28 Malmö. Anyone who is the data controller is obliged to everyone who applies for it once a year free of charge notification about the personal data concerning the applicant are processed. Applications must be in writing and signed by the applicant. Notification submitted within a month. Anyone who is the data controller is also obliged to correct information at the request of the data subject.

Treatment and purpose
Personal information provided to Heimstaden by application / interest / contract or otherwise registered in connection with the preparation or administration of a contract will be treated in computer systems to the extent necessary to administer Heimstaden’s hiring process. Personal information may be supplemented by obtaining information from other public records such as address update.
If the lease agreement signed between Heimstaden and the recorded data will be transferred to Heimstaden’s operating system for the agreement to be completed. It can then also be providing information to companies and organizations with which Heimstaden cooperates, for example, a tenant organization, suppliers and debt collection companies.