We have time for you

When you sign the contract for your new apartment, you have the opportunity to book our service HeimService. We will help you with simple work in your new home for two hours.

For example:

  • Installation of hooks, boards, curtain rods, light fixtures, etc.
  • Replacing lamps
  • Show you the storage room, laundry room and shered spaces 
  • Show you the recycle room and how it works
  • Show you the garage and offer parking and extra storage
  • Pull out the refrigerator, freezer and stove so you get access behind
  • Show how to change the filter and clean the hood
  • Show how the floor drain should be cleaned
  • Show how smoke alarms and fire blanket should be used
HeimService can be booked in Trelleborg, Skellefteå and Norrköping. We look forward to be able to help you!

Restrictions: We don´t help with, for example, window cleaning, gardening, shoveling snow, moving heavy objects, or when work requires skilled craftsmen.

Borrow our tool box

You can now borrow our large tool box. Do you still have your paintings on the floor, something that need to be repaired or maybe a piece of furniture that need to be put together? Borrow our large tool box and get it all done. Our goal is to simplify and enrich our tenants’ daily lives and this is one way for us to do it. You can either borrow the tool box over a day or over the weekend. The toolkit includes pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, tape measure, saw, hammers, bits and much more.

  • How do I book? Please contact customer service at 0770-111 050 to reserve a toolbox.
  • Where do I pick up and drop the tool box? You can pick up and leave the tool box at your local office, wich you can find here.
The toolkit can be booked in Malmö, Skellefteå, Norrköping and Ystad. Good luck with your project!

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