Which documents do I have to submit for an apartment application?

Which documents do I have to submit for an apartment application?

Heimstaden Germany TeamErstellt: 27 July, 2022, 11:04
  • Heimstaden looks forward to your apartment application. To ensure a safe process, we require some documents of identification and credibility. We are committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Policy and therefore we only require data that is necessary for a safe rental relationship. For ID Cards, Passports etc. we require your name, maiden name, date of birth, issued by authority and period of validity, other information can be blacked out.

    In order for us to be able to accept your tenant application we require the following documents to be submitted to us:

    1. A copy of both sides of your ID or Passport. Foreign nationals/passport holders from outside the EU are required to submit residency title “Aufenthaltstitel” in addition to ID and Passport documents.
    2. Current Schufa (not older than 2 months). The Schufa is a credit statement issued by the General Credit Protection Agency in Germany. Tip: You can easily order a Schufa Statement via the Schufa Website or purchase the document in a local Postbank subsidiary.
    3. Statement issued by your current/former landlord or agency   confirming your credit status. In Germany this document is known as „Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung“ rental dept exemption certificate.
    4. Your last 3 Payslips = Gehaltsnachweise or your last Tax Statement = Steuerbescheid signed by your official tax consultant = Steuerberater. Tip: Self issued invoices or Screenshots of incoming payments etc. are not accepted.
    We wish you the best of luck with your application. Your Heimstaden Team.
    Heimstaden Germany Team - KundenserviceBeantwortet: 27 July, 2022, 11:07

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