security deposit deduction not considered in utility bill


I have vacated the apartment in 2021. Extra money has been deducted from security deposit to cover utility bill for year 2021. Deduction from security deposit has not been considered while demanding extra payment for utility bill of 2021. I have been following up at but there are no response. Could someone help me?

RiteshErstellt: 16 January, 2023, 16:44
  • Hello Ritesh,

    we will send you a letter regarding the offsetting of the deposit against the operating costs as soon as possible.

    Should this result in a credit balance, you are welcome to inform us again of the bank details to which the credit balance should be transferred. Please do this at

    If there is still an outstanding amount, please transfer it to the bank account specified in the letter.

    Elisa - KundenserviceBeantwortet: 18 January, 2023, 11:47
  • Hello Elisa,

    That would be great. If I can get the letter regarding the offsetting of the deposit against the operating costs before 28 January, 2023 then I would not have to do extra payment.

    I have sent couple of emails to since last 10 days and there has been no reply yet. I have also sent letter by post but unfortunately post is delayed due to cyber attack on Royal Mail.

    I am happy to share more information if you need.

    RiteshBeantwortet: 18 January, 2023, 16:28
  • Hello Ritesh,

    You do not need to make a payment if the invoice amount is covered by the security deposit.

    I can not promise you that the letter will reach you before the 28th, but i have forwarded your inquiry to the accounting team.

    Elisa - KundenserviceBeantwortet: 19 January, 2023, 08:48

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