I want to terminate my contract. How do I proceed?

I want to terminate my contract. How do I proceed?

Heimstaden Germany TeamErstellt: 27 July, 2022, 12:05
    • Your contract can only be terminated by a written statement "letter of termination" (no email) and needs to be signed by you
    • The letter of termination needs to reach us latest by the 3rd working day of a month
    Heimstaden Germany Team - KundenserviceBeantwortet: 27 July, 2022, 12:06
  • Heimstaden Germany GmbH
    Erkelenzdamm 11-13, 10999 Berlin

    Is it the right address for the termination letter?
    What information must be included in the letter?
    Do I have to empty the apartment before leaving?
    If I find a replacement tenant, does the procedure stay the same?
    Mazahir EyvazliBeantwortet: 9 March, 2023, 14:14
  • Dear Mr. Eyvazil,

    the address is correct.

    The termination must be clear that you intend to terminate your contract and has to be hand signed.

    After getting a confirmation of termination you will have to schedule an appointment for a preinspection. There you can ask what work has to be done and if you can present a replacement tenant.

    Elisa - KundenserviceBeantwortet: 9 March, 2023, 17:33

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